Welcome to Otis Pottery! Greetings from the Otis Family--David, June, Andrew, Mary Grace, three boys, three cats, and Amigo!

We're here in northern Michigan, where David and June have been creating pottery for 32 years. Andrew, their son, has been working with them for the past 20 years. 

Many of you know us from your travels up North over the years to our studio/gallery that's on the way to Charlevoix, Michigan. We specialize in functional and decorative ceramics and between three artists working in the same space, we have developed quite a variety of styles. 
You can get your everyday place settings here, your hand crafted pie plates, brie bakers, vases, and more. Or, you can find intricately designed three dimensional kimonos by June, original tea pots by David, or large-scale vessels by Andrew (and much much more). 

Right now, we have a pottery stocked with countless mugs, bowls, and large pots that have all been created in the past months in preparation for Winter and Spring art shows and for summer visitors. Since the whole world is on hold right now, and since Andrew's big shows in Florida have been cancelled (our shop is officially closed for the next few weeks for the first time in 32 years), we thought we would take this opportunity to connect with our friends and customers in the online space. 

We hope you'll join us here to gain access to video tutorials, updates, giveaways, stories, and more. One thing we've always loved about creating art is the chance to meet the hundreds of people who come in our shop or meet us at art fairs across the country. Through the years, we've built friendships and created memories with so many of you. We are grateful for your support and we thank you for your friendship and patronage for so many years. 

Here's to more years of creating art and sharing our work with you! (Hopefully in person soon, but until then, we'll be here.) 

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