Appalachian Bread Knives

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Each piece is handmade in USA! When in stock most orders leave our pottery within 7-10 days. Thank you for supporting a small family business!

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This unique bow saw has its origins in the Appalachians. Mountain people use various bows to make a variety of knives, saws and other useful tools.

This is simply an amazing bow saw. It will cut bread better than any conventional bread knife on the market. Sourdough, French, Pumpernickel, Rye breads and tough bagels can be cut with ease. The bow can also be used to slice fruits, vegetables, cheese and meat.

The blade is high carbon steel. It is scalloped and double beveled. It is extremely thin, which is part of the reason it cuts so well. The strength of the blade is a result of the tension applied when it is mounted on the bow. This bow effect gives the blade a spring steel feel. Because the blades are made for commercial use, they have a very long life. The blade should last at lease two hundred hours of bread cutting before becoming dull.

Besides being a very functional kitchen utensil, the bow is beautiful. Each bow saw is handcrafted from high quality straight-grained hardwood. Each bow saw is hand sanded to a satin finish, then several layers of a tough, non-toxic finish is applied.

Utilize this bow as you wold a carpenter's saw. A back and forth motion with very little downward pressure is needed for a clean precise cut. The blade is high carbon steel, which will rust if you don't wipe it dry after washing. It is recommend to put an occasional coat of mineral oil on both the blade and wood handle. Do not put the bow saw in the a dishwasher. If you follow these simple instructions, your beautiful new bow saw will provide you with years of slicing satisfaction. 

What a great gift idea!

16" long

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